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I bought 3 copies and and buying a few more. Passing them out as loaners. She said everything I've been thinking for years. Dispelling myths and getting rid of the opinionated world theologies of what Christians are supposed to do. Love me some Elder Valerie.

blkbirdie via Instagram
You Can't DO WHAT?
November 18, 2017

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The young lady beside me wanted to read my copy of your book while we were flying! She was interested in knowing about tattoos! She as impressed and agreed with your perspective. Ingrid from Jamaica was enjoying the #YouCantDoWhat book!

3xalady via Instagram
November 16, 2017

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I just got beat up by @eldervkbrown book breaking all RELIGION in Me along with my judgmental ways because of my Standards & Convictions


Tia S.
You Can't Do WHAT?!
July 16, 2017

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Enjoyable read! Dr. Valerie takes on issues that have confounded church goers for decades. This church will continue to grow because the truth cleans everything. The spirit of the Lord is upon this woman as she is breaking down barriers that have been long held customs in a whole lot of churches, including mine!

Kenny Easley
You Can't Do WHAT?!
July 11, 2017

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